12 months later

This time last year I had broken my leg in 2 places while paying hockey. It was the first winter of my freshman year of ‘getting fit’, and I was determined to make the best of my situation. Every two days I did  as much as I could of Bob Harper’s Pure Burn Strength workout video with my leg in a cast. I was doing the upper body exercises on a stool, or standing on one leg, and I managed the sit-ups, but that was about it.Fortunately, the break was not so bad and I was out of the cast in 4 weeks. I was back on the ice in 9 weeks and cycling and working out as usual by spring time.

12 months later, I have injured my knee from running. December is cold and usually snowy in Ontario, so road riding usually stops until spring. I’ve been doing Pure Burn for about a year now and am mixing it up by alternating with Total Transformation, however, it feels like I’ve reached a plateau and need to mix it up. I’m also feeling a little blah as my weight is up about 2kgs from all the good food and the reduced physical activity.

Cycling and running are out for now, so tomorrow I start P90X. I’m hoping to commit to the full 90 days of a new challenge.


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