2012 Recap

I purchased my first road bike in July 2011, making 2012 my first full year as a road cyclist. In review, the past 12 months included many firsts and milestones, as well as some motivation for goals in 2013. I hadn’t planned on racing, but attended a few mass participation events that I found challenging and strangely gratifying. By the end of the year I had decided to get my race license and try the Ontario Cup racing circuit in 2013, which is why I started this blog… to document that journey.

My enthusiasm for cycling has definitely grown throughout the year, so here is a recap of 2012…

racepicTotal distance
Average pace
30.8 km/hr
Fastest solo ride – 60km
Fastest top speed
First 5km run
Time: 25:43

Tour de Grand (first century)
Time: 4:59:07
31.7 km/hr average

Joined Speed River Cycling Club
First club ride: Tuesday night Hammerfest ~40km/hr average… I was dropped after ~11km
Second club ride: Thursday night moderate pace – 34km/hr average… that’s better!

Tour de Waterloo -130km
Place: 67/226 Time: 3:24:50 Gap: 16:22
38.1km/hr average

Centurion Horseshoe Valley – 100km
Place: 55/543 Time: 2:33:17 Gap: 4:25
39.1km/hr average

Centurion Ellicottville – 160km
Place: 28/179 Time: 4:43:05 Gap: 16:35
34.1km/hr average

Southwest Challenge – 173km
First charity ride

Centurion Blue Mountain – 168 km
Place 110/865 Time: 4:31:19 Gap: 23:58
36.7km/hr average

Tour de Hans – 100km
Place: 24/168 Time: 2:17:37 Gap: 00:04 (so close!)
43.6km/hr average


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