2013 Pre-season Progress Report

So it’s February, 2013 already. My weight is still up a kilo from Christmas and the one energy bar to rule them all. But I’m still training.

I’m into week 9 of p90X. To be honest, I didn’t follow week 8 since it was a rest week that included yoga and cardio. I really hate yoga and the p90X cardio is not that challenging, so instead I’ve been spinning and doing Bob Harper’s ultimate cardio workout, which I find much more challenging.

I’ve had to give up completely on the running, which is a shame cuz I was just starting to almost enjoy it. It seemed like a great cardio workout for the winter months, but it turned out to be too hard on my knees. My MRI in December revealed that there is a ‘loose body’ in my right knee and deep bruising of the fibula that just doesn’t react well to the impact of running. These are suspected hockey injuries and I’m supposed to see an orthopedic surgeon to discuss my options, but my physio has made it pretty clear that I need to rest to let the bone heal properly.

indoor cycle training.jpg

Indoor training while watching the Tour Down Under

Cycling doesn’t bother my knees much so I’ve been trying to get some miles in on the rollers. I’ve really noticed a huge difference on the rollers when your tire pressure is low… like 70 or 80 psi. The resistance is significantly higher and I usually keep my heart rate up over 140 BPM for the entire workout. I’ve been doing 45 minutes every other day or so.

It’s much too cold around here (for me!) to go ride on the road, so for now it’s strictly bedroom training. But we did get a mild day in January where a bunch of us from Speed River Cycling Club went for a group ride. I felt pretty sluggish but it was fun to get out on the road with some company for a change.

I’m aiming to start the 2013 racing season with the Good Friday race on March 29 in Hamilton, so the goal is to try and be ready for then.

group ride.jpg

Some participants of the first group ride of 2013 with Speed River Cycling Club



  1. sarahkimbonner  February 2, 2013

    I really enjoy reading your blog! Cycling also lead me to a healthier lifestyle and I am also obsessed with the gratification of suffering on a bike! Good luck with the upcoming race season. I hope the weather gets warmer first though!

    • thedarbster  February 2, 2013

      Thanks Sarah! I just checked your blog out and you look like a semi-pro 🙂 2013 looks like it’s off to a good start too. (I’m jealous of the warm weather) All the best to you.


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