Easton EC90 wheel review

Easton EC90 wheel review

This week was the first time I actually got out and rode on my new Easton EC90 aero wheel set. Outdoor riding has been pretty sparse so far this year and in the little I have done, my pace is below average and I’ve felt pretty sluggish, so to be honest it’s hard to say how much, if any difference these wheels have made yet. I got 100km in on the Eastons during two rides and I did notice a couple of  things so far:

1. As expected, braking is not as effective as with aluminum rims. My Ksyrium Elites respond notably better than the carbon wheels in this department. However they still did the job well enough and there was never any concern that braking would be inadequate… just slightly slower.

2. The aero profile was definitely noticeable in a cross wind too. This one took me by surprise. I almost wiped out while peeling a banana! Under typical conditions I don’t see this as being a problem, although during very windy conditions it might be a factor. As with the braking, I think this is just a matter of getting used to. Todays ride was in 25km/hr winds and I got used to it as time went on.

3. They definitely do feel like they slice through the air better than my aluminiums when you are up to speed and motoring along. I just felt faster in time-trial mode. There’s also no delay noted while getting going too. They seem to spin up to speed quickly.

4. They look effing cool!! What can I say? They make a $4,000 bike look like a $6,500 bike : )

My Giant TCR with the Easton EC90 wheel set

My Giant TCR with the Easton EC90 wheel set

Overall, I like them, but can’t honestly say how much difference they make yet. I don’t have enough data to determine that. On Sunday I did a 60km ride. It was cold. My time was slower than usual, but I had to make a few stops to warm my fingers and made several attempts to pee (in privacy). I couldn’t believe how many people randomly appeared on quiet country roads out of nowhere!! (finally stopped at my church to use their facilities… ready to explode!)

Today I did 40km in a notable 25 km/hr wind. My pace was over 31km/hr which is my best so far this year, but pretty typical overall. I will keep an eye on my ride data and follow up when  I can.

So far, I like them : )


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