Going for Coffee

Last Saturday the temperature rose to 5 Celsius and some of the guys from Speed River Cycling Club went for an informal ride down to Dundas. The sun was shining and the roads were dry as six of us started out from downtown. This was my first group ride since the one in January and only my third time on the road this year.

There’s a great cycling themed coffee shop called Cafe Domestique in Dundas and it’s about 117km roundtrip from Guelph. I have only done this ride once before, but it was one of my favourites. The weather was quite pleasant and I really enjoyed getting out on the bike and having some company. I was just along for the ride for most of the journey down and didn’t pull too much. After the twisting descent into Dundas we arrived at Cafe Domestique and parked our bikes around the back. We waddled inside in our cleats, helmet and gloves tucked under our arm, sunglasses perched on top of our head… a brotherhood of spandex-clad comrades who have pulled together to traverse more miles by bike than most people dare without a car.

In these surroundings, amidst the legendary cycling paraphernalia, a cappuccino and biscotti, or latte and croissant has never been so enigmatic and sublimely Euro-cool! In cycling culture there’s something unexplainably epic about the ordinary task of getting a cup of coffee, and the experience is wonderfully uplifting.

When we get back on the road and start the climb up Sydenham hill, you just can’t help but feel good. The caffeine and sugar was doing it’s thing. It was time to catch up with the others and make my way to the front. It was time for me to take a few pulls.




  1. Cherry  April 4, 2013

    I still have only been down Syndenham, maybe this year I’ll try heading upwards. Cafe Domestique, awesome place … amazing coffee, amazing company, amazing decor.

    • Darby  April 4, 2013

      Best coffee ever! I’m curious though… if you don’t go up Sydenham, how do you get out of Dundas? I didn’t think there was any other way home: )

      • Cherry  April 8, 2013

        I detour around Syndenham via King St –> York Rd …. sneaky eh!


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