On the run again : )


For the past two months I have been running around 6km almost every day. Sixteen days ago I ran my longest distance yet… just over 9km. I felt fine too. At least until after I got home, then I was noticing some discomfort in my lateral right knee. It got worse overnight and I awoke the next day with enough pain to realize that it was not an injury I could ignore. Prior to this I had suffered some tenderness in this area… right at the top of my fibula… but only when pressure was applied, so it didn’t impede my activity level. This was a lot worse though, and I was unable to run and had no choice but to rest until it healed. After a week there was no change so I went for an X-ray, which didn’t reveal any problems, so I was referred for an MRI, for which I am currently on a waiting list.

In the meantime, the pain subsided enough that I thought I’d test it out. Yesterday I ran 5km with no major discomfort. The tenderness is still there at the top of the fib, but at least I’m back… for now : )


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