P90X (the challenge is on)

I feel like I needed to change things up a bit. I have been doing Bob Harper’s Pure Burn strength workout for at least year now, mixing it up with a couple of his other workouts. I had heard a lot about P90X and thought I’d give it try.  I’m determined to stick out the 90 days and see what affect it has… I even took my ‘before’ photos : ) First impressions are positive.

Day 1 was pretty tough. I thought I was in good shape, but I was surprised at how much I struggled with some pretty simple exercises such as push-up variations… and I needed a chair for the pull-ups. The Ab Ripper was good. Challenging, but doable, and I really like the 25 rep format.

Day 2 was Plyometrics. Wasn’t sure if my knee would hold up, but it didn’t seem to bother me. My body was SO sore from day 1 that I was dreading this workout… specially with all the hype from Tony… “… this is the mother of all workouts” etc. To be honest, I found it pretty easy. All that cardio and leg work from Jillian and Bob, plus thousands of kilometres on the bike has really paid off. I really enjoyed some of the moves in this one too. It’s nice to change it up and it was good to feel strong after the struggles of day 1.


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