P90X Update 1

So I’ve just completed Week 1 of P90X. It’s been cool to change things up so much after getting into a bit of a rut with my exercise program. Overall, I think P90X is pretty good… except for the yoga.

Day 3
Shoulders and arms – pretty straightforward. First time through, so I was discovering my thresholds and setting some benchmarks for next time. I used weights that challenged me at the 12 to 15 rep level.

Day 4
I’ve always been kinda curious about yoga, but did not enjoy this at all. I understand the benefits of stretching and strengthening with this type of movement, but it was too long and passive for me. I also felt like I was participating in a religious activity that was contrary to my faith as a Christian. I think I will be substituting one of my other cardio workouts on yoga days.

Day 5
Legs and back – Another good old fashioned strength workout. It was also nice to work on some leg muscles that I had never worked before. Hopefully it will help the cycling.

Day 6
I’d never heard of Kenpo and had no idea what to expect. It turned out to be a martial arts style cardio workout that challenged me a lot more than Plyometrics on day 2. My only problem with this one was some of the combinations were kinda complicated to pick up quickly and get good form with. By the time I figured it out, that exercise was over and they were on to the next one. It was like trying to learn choreography in 30 seconds. Once I got it, it was good… just need to do it a few times to pick it up.

Day 7
You get the option to rest or do a 58 minute stretching session which I opted for. There were a few yoga moves in here but most of it was good ol’ fashioned stretching that I found beneficial in improving flexibility and loosening up the body.

So that’s one week down… eleven more to go! I’m hanging in : )


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