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2013 Pre-season Progress Report

So it’s February, 2013 already. My weight is still up a kilo from Christmas and the one energy bar to rule them all. But I’m still training.

I’m into week 9 of p90X. To be honest, I didn’t follow week 8 since it was a rest week that included yoga and cardio. I really hate yoga and the p90X cardio is not that challenging, so instead I’ve been spinning and doing Bob Harper’s ultimate cardio workout, ...

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P90X Update 1

So I’ve just completed Week 1 of P90X. It’s been cool to change things up so much after getting into a bit of a rut with my exercise program. Overall, I think P90X is pretty good… except for the yoga.

Day 3
Shoulders and arms – pretty straightforward. First time through, so I was discovering my thresholds and setting some benchmarks for next time. I used weights that challenged me at the 12 to 15 rep level.

Day 4
I’ve always been kinda ...

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P90X (the challenge is on)

I feel like I needed to change things up a bit. I have been doing Bob Harper’s Pure Burn strength workout for at least year now, mixing it up with a couple of his other workouts. I had heard a lot about P90X and thought I’d give it try.  I’m determined to stick out the 90 days and see what affect it has… I even took my ‘before’ photos : ) First impressions are positive.

Day 1 was pretty tough. I thought I ...

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