Weight gain on vacation

Weight gain on vacation

Do you find that you gain weight when you are on vacation? I know that I used to, since I’m not the type to stick to a regular diet when there’s so much good food to eat. But I’m also not the kind of person who sits around by the pool… I like to take advantage of  all the activities available. At the beginning of November I spent a week in Mexico with my wife and eight of our good friends. It was a fabulous luxury all-inclusive resort with, like, nine amazing restaurants. I totally pigged out! Almost every night I had more than one entree or dessert, or both! (And I don’t usually eat dessert ever) I also consumed a lot more alcohol than usual.

Total weight gain:  ~1kg

Not bad, eh? How did I do it? I don’t know. The only difference on this trip was that I was more active…  In addition to four days of scuba diving and one day snorkelling, I ran 6km every morning to start the day, and I did Bob Harper’s Pure Burn strength workout 3 times in total at the resort gym. (every other day) Actually, I also did a bicycle time trial along our running route : ) The resort had a fleet of single-speed bicycles available for bike tours or leisure rides. A bunch of  us took them out one morning to explore the area. Afterwards, while everyone else was returning their bikes, I took off for a quick cardio blast and hammered it as hard as I could along our running route. The big fat tires and single speed gearing offered some good resistance and I had a short but pretty intense workout in under fifteen minutes.

Our daily running route

It pays to exercise : )


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